Reclaim Your Witchcraft

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In this class, you will learn:

* What to do when you feel like you're stuck in a rut with your witchcraft
* Reclaiming your Witchcraft even when you feel like you've lost the spark of magic
* Breathing new life into the seasons and your celebrations
* How to handle Exhaustion and Overwhelm, without making it worse

Are you an experienced witch that has stirred 'round the cauldron a time or two?

Do you keep falling out of practice and beating yourself up for not being a 'good witch'?

Are you questioning your path, you practice, or your ability as a 'real' witch?

Have you been feeling like you're doing half-hearted attempts at your celebrations for far too long, always promising that 'next year it will be different'? Only the year speeds around once again and you're still unprepared until you just give up?

If you're struggling with your practice, if you fall off the broomstick regularly and struggle to pull yourself back up, if you're tired and really losing the motiviation to keep on your path - then this is the class for you.

This class is for witches:

  • looking to Reclaim their Witchcraft
  • that have fallen out of practice
  • that feel like you're always two steps behind
  • feeling uninspired and/or unmotivated
  • feeling bad about their practice while a flood of pinterest witches make it look easy

Then this class is for you

And now is the time to fall back in love with yourself - and your path.

Join us for this class and rekindle your love and passion for this world full of magic.

We look forward to seeing you inside!

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